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Even a home office needs effective storage.

Posted by Closets & Cabinetry by Closet City on 12/18/18 4:30 PM

If you work from home, you're able to bypass the stress of commuting to the office, you save on transportation expenses, and maybe even get to hang out all day in your PJ's. However, just because your home office atmosphere is more comfortable than a traditional office, it doesn't mean you don't need a well-thought-out work space and practical storage.

The couch is not an office, nor is the dining room table. Avoid “setting up shop” in an area that the rest of your family uses on a daily basis, especially if you have papers, electronics, or craft materials that you’d prefer not to get wet, crumpled, have food dribbled on, etc. A home office needs a clear work area, and that means providing adequate space for computers and related equipment, as well as convenient locations for reference materials, file drawers, desk supplies and paper.

When customizing your work space, take into consideration such things as the placement of computers, wiring, and file drawers. Make sure you have enough room to roll your chair around and to fully access drawer contents. Move things around initially to determine the best work flow in your allowable space.

Make a small room fit more. A stand-alone desk and separate shelving won’t offer nearly as much storage potential as a built-in office. Plentiful storage space in the form of floor-to-ceiling shelves, file drawers, and upper cabinets keep your room looking neat while providing a home for all sorts of books, supplies, and paperwork.

To truly make the most of working from home, you need to be productive. Having optimal work areas and storage space will help create the professional ambiance needed to inspire you to work. However, it's also good to have a place to ponder your next big project. So set up your work space to take advantage of any windows in the room. A window seat can provide not only a spot to sit and think with a cup of coffee, but also include a couple of drawers or cabinets underneath for additional storage.

Are you looking to transform part of your home into an office? Closets & Cabinetry by Closet City can help transform and organize your living space to create the office of your dreams. Our professionals won’t just install cookie-cutter units, but rather, we will find a custom solution that matches your needs. Contact us today to get started on creating the perfect home work space for you!

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Your space and style. Our skill and craftsmanship. A perfect match!

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My Favorite Project

Posted by Closets & Cabinetry by Closet City on 12/8/18 4:06 PM

 Sometimes you have an area in your home that you just don't know what to do with. Here's a story of one such case where Closets & Cabinetry turned an awkward empty attic into a dressing room fit for a princess.

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11 Holiday preparation tips

Posted by Closets & Cabinetry by Closet City on 11/8/18 5:07 AM

On paper, the weeks between Thanksgiving and the New Year are a time to give thanks, give gifts, and celebrate the arrival of a new year.

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Keep or Toss? Need help deciding?

Posted by Closets & Cabinetry by Closet City on 10/18/18 8:37 AM

By Jamie Novak,
gleaned from the book “Keep This, Toss That”

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Organize your garage before winter

Posted by Closets & Cabinetry by Closet City on 10/11/18 1:41 PM

3 Reasons to Organize Your Garage Before Winter

Is your car on the driveway or street because the garage is full of "stuff”?  Why have indoor parking space if it isn't used for what it is intended?  Here are good reasons to organize that unsightly space NOW:

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