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How to Grow From Within

Posted by Closet City Ltd. on 12/28/16 9:47 AM

We all need better homes, not bigger ones.

How do you "grow from within" when it comes to your house? Look at your home from every possible angle to see if you can fix the existing floor plan without expanding.  We've all seen the TV home improvement shows where folks rearrange furniture between rooms to create a new interior design. Or the shows where homeowners take out one minor wall and open up lots of space. And the ones where people add built-ins along the walls to minimize the amount of furniture needed.

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Resolution: Remodel! (part2)

Posted by Closet City Ltd. on 1/20/15 3:38 PM

Resolutions regarding change of all sorts are being made during the month of January.  As we mentioned in our post last week (part 1), why not resolve to make changes that actually have a lasting affect and are more easily obtained?  We're talking about making changes to your home!

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