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Great Reasons to Install a Murphy Bed

Posted by Closet City Ltd. on 2/1/18 10:45 AM

Among the many items the Brooklyn Museum has in its collection is the piano bed…which is exactly what it sounds like.

Manufactured sometime around 1885 by Smith & Co. in Boston, this was a working upright piano that folded out into a bed.

“The consumer of this convertible piano-bed could, in a way, have his cake and eat it too,” the museum says on its website, “enjoying the propriety that a piano conferred on his parlor while gaining a reasonably comfortable sleeping unit for a large family living in limited space.”

It’s this same drive that led to the invention of the Murphy Bed in the early 1900's, and still leads people to install a Murphy bed in their home 118 years later.

Read on to learn why this classic piece of furniture still holds up today.

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5 Ways a Murphy Bed Can Maximize Living Spaces

Posted by Closet City Ltd. on 10/21/17 8:32 AM

A Murphy bed can maximize living spaces and Closets and Cabinetry can help.

According to legend, the idea for the Murphy bed was not driven by a desire to maximize living space. Rather, it was born out of one man’s desire not to embarrass his future wife.

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Murphy Beds are Making a Comeback

Posted by Closet City Ltd. on 5/6/17 2:37 PM

When we think of Murphy beds, our minds might go to scenes from famous comedies.

These wall-mounted beds have been used as props by everyone from Charlie Chaplin to the Three Stooges to the Muppets.

But now, Murphy beds – also known as hide-away beds or wall beds -- are making a comeback. People are doing more with less space, whether they’re adherents to the tiny house movement, or contending with high-rent, low-room living situations in cities like New York and San Francisco.full murphy_wall bed with shelves closed v1.jpg

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Clear Away Your Clutter ...

Posted by Closet City Ltd. on 9/3/13 4:06 PM

— and showcase your personality!

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