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Organized Play Spaces

Posted by Closet City Ltd. on 8/5/14 2:21 PM

Organizing your children's play room requires two key steps:  reviewing their toy, game, and book inventory, as well as making it easier for children to utilize and live in the environment.

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Storage that grows with your child

Posted by Closet City Ltd. on 6/18/13 5:27 PM

From the time they are born, children acquire a vast amount of clothing, toys, and books, which as years pass, are joined by hobbies, schoolwork, collections and sports equipment.  Whatever stage of growth your child may be in, get the most from their rooms by taking advantage of every storage opportunity.  (Planning ahead pays off big as kids grow!).  Look up, under, inside, and all over for places to add or increase useful storage.  Here are some great ways to add storage and keep your child’s room organized:

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