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Is it 'only a closet'?

Posted by Closet City Ltd. on 2/13/20 12:00 PM

Who knows how many times people have said the phrase, "It's only a closet". And who knows how many times we've had clients exclaiming after an installation that "I just LOVE my new closet!".
Which phrase applies to you, and how do you get from phrase one to phrase two?

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5 Most Popular Closet Styles

Posted by Closet City Ltd. on 12/6/19 11:31 AM

Have you ever thought about why you chose a certain paint color or a piece of jewelry? You probably picked it because you liked it, or because it inspired you or brought you joy. Whatever the reason, over time, all of your choices have come together to create a unique style. Your style is important because it shows who you are and what you like. The clothes you wear are usually the easiest ways to tell a person's style; but what about where you keep your clothes? Does your closet match your style?

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