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Kids Can Organize Their Own Space

Posted by Closet City Ltd. on 8/28/19 1:51 PM

You want your kids to keep their rooms clean, but where are they supposed to put things when their closets are jammed? A custom unit designed to organize their clothes, toys, and sports equipment will make putting stuff away easy.

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My Favorite Project

Posted by Closet City Ltd. on 12/8/18 4:06 PM

 Sometimes you have an area in your home that you just don't know what to do with. Here's a story of one such case where Closet City turned an awkward empty attic into a dressing room fit for a princess.

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Closet Designer’s Tips for Small Space Storage Solutions

Posted by Closet City Ltd. on 7/8/17 11:00 AM

Everyone has a junk drawer filled with random yet still useful items.

It’s one thing to have a “junk drawer” in your house. Eventually, they just seem to form in people’s homes. They’re a good place to keep random, cluttered items.

But sometimes, that clutter escapes the confines of the junk drawer and begins to spread. If left unchecked, you could wind up with a junk closet or even a junk room.

And that can make living in a small space seem even smaller. That’s why we’ve put together these small space storage tips to help you better enjoy your home.

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